Alexa toolbar released FireFox

Alexa toolbar released FireFox

Alexa has finally released a support FireFox’s toolbar, and IE can be achieved in the same Alexa Toolbar system function. Some more attention to the domestic Alexa data website is a major event. Alexa provided by the toolbar can visit the website FireFox when the data shows that the website information and charts, information analysis for the likes of Web traffic data is very useful, a web site can be seen on the whole flow trends. Before the Alexa toolbar only official response on the IE browser, with the increasingly popular Firefox browser, Alexa also provided the FireFox version, the installation of this tool, visit the website will be increased from certain extent.\r\n

Alexa is a web site statistics and the world ranking released figures website, its Web site rankings are noteworthy, it is precisely because the world rankings there is a huge controversy website, Alexa parties will retain the eyeball. According to the Alexa Web site, "an official statement," Alexa open the former site of the world rankings by Alexa toolbar collect all the information return, calculated after the comprehensive rankings.


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